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‘Will CBD get me high?’ ‘What are the risks of using CBD?’ Questions like these are being googled daily, but nowhere can one find an article with an overview of answers to frequently asked questions regarding CBD. When I started using CBD, I came across the same problem, and therefore I’ve decided to create this article, covering ‘Everything You Need To Know About CBD.’ Note that this is a quick access guide: I won’t go super deep into the information, but it is enough to provide a proper answer to common questions.

What are the benefits of using CBD?

CBD is known to be good for a lot of health-related issues, varying from general pain relief to reducing the growth of a tumour. What is important to know is that there is no research that actually shows CBD truly has all these positive effects on humans. Several researches have been done that do show CBD truly has these positive effects on other organisms such as animals, but it has never been really tested on humans. People that use CBD do say that they experience positive health effects and doctors do occasionally give the advice to start using CBD, but it might all just be a placebo. The best thing to do is to try it out yourself and see whether you notice any benefits.

What are the risks of using CBD?

The journal ‘Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research’ states that the most common side effects of using CBD are tiredness, diarrhea and changes in appetite. You could state that these side effects are quite minor, but that is up to you to decide. I should note that most of these side effects have been witnessed in-vitro, which means that it has been observed outside a living organism. Usually, humans don’t experience any (adverse) side effects when using CBD.

Will CBD get me high?

CBD and cannabis are often associated with each other, which often gives people the idea that CBD can get you high as well. This is not true. The reason cannabis gives you the feeling of being high is because of the ingredient THC. THC binds itself to specific nerve receptors inside your body, which causes the feeling of being ‘high.’ CBD does not attach itself to these receptors and therefore will not get you high.

Is CBD legal?

In 2018, the Senate introduced a new Farm Bill, including a law to make CBD legal in all states. This Farm Bill passed, and now the use of CBD is legal throughout the whole United States of America. Therefore, when using CBD, in contrast to when using marijuana, you never have to worry about any legal issues.

Is CBD addictive?

Since CBD is often associated with marijuana, because marijuana is addictive, one would state that the use of CBD is also addictive. According to several studies, this is not true. CBD is unlike any addictive substance: it does not produce any excessive amount of dopamine, and it does not get you high. Therefore, it is relatively easy for CBD users to stop using CBD once they feel like it ‘fixed’ their health issues.


CBD is legal, not addictive and does not affect your mental condition. It has been shown that it can have positive effects on health issues and the side effects are minor. Therefore, it is safe to say that when you want to start using CBD, you should just give it a go. It might just be the thing that makes you feel better for the rest of your life.